Monthly Tuition Fees:

The Monthly fees for piano lessons are as follows:

45-minute lessons = $212 per month
60- minute lessons = $262 per month

Lessons vary from 4-5 lessons per month, depending of the number of weeks in each month.

Payment is expected upon the first lesson of each month.

No refunds are offered for missed lessons.

Please plan to be on time for your regularly scheduled lessons.

Late payments will be subject to a penalty of $30.00 and will be added to the total for the month.

Monthly tuition covers:

  • Teacher experience
  • Teacher formal education
  • Teacher connections with other professionals in the industry
  • Time spent with student in lessons
  • Time spent planning for student lessons
  • Trips to music store
  • Teacher accomplishments
  • Planning recitals
  • Time spent at recitals
  • E-mail/administrative time
  • Professional development
  • Teacher salary
  • Teacher retirement
  • Office supplies
  • Tuning/maintenance of the instruments


1. Students are expected to attend every scheduled lesson. This is vital to the success of the musical program and a fundamental part of successful learning.

2. Scheduling will be done during the initial communication between the parent and teacher.

3. Please schedule your other activities and engagements around the piano lessons, as the studio has a set schedule with very little downtime between lessons.

4. If you need a different lesson time from the original scheduled lesson, the teacher will provide you with the available options as alternatives.

5. If a lesson time conflict or emergency arises, we will consider them on a case-by-case basis.

6. Parents are encouraged to observe the lessons, record videos, and take notes. The expectation is for the parent to become familiar with the flow of the lessons and duplicate this environment during practice at home. A quiet and well lighted environment will be needed for practicing.

7. Refunds will not be given for any missed lessons. If deemed an emergency, the teacher may offer an alternative option for the lesson at the teacher’s sole discretion. No makeup’s are guaranteed.

8. If you wish to terminate lessons for any reason, please let us know at least one month in advance before your termination date.
Refunds will not be given for the remaining lessons if you cannot take them.

9. In the case that a student, teacher or family member is sick with a contagious illness but feeling okay enough to have a lesson, online lessons can be substituted for the in person lesson. Another option is asynchronous learning, in which a student sends videos to the teacher with pictures of the music theory work. The teacher will assess and give feedback, using the student’s normal lesson time.


1. It is mandatory that the students have their own acoustic piano to use at home for personal practice. If you do not already have an acoustic piano, we will discuss finding the right instrument that best fits your needs, and make recommendations on where to purchase it. We partner with several piano dealers in the area with reasonable prices. If you already have your own instrument, but would like it to be serviced (tuned, etc.), we can make a recommendation for you regarding a professional piano technician as well.

2. It is vital that the student practices at least 6 times per week. The most important time for the student to practice is on the same day as the lesson, after the student has received instruction. Research indicates that retention rate is as high as 90% on the first day, whereas it drops to almost 60% if the student waits just 24-hours.

3. Setting a timer is not the best way of practicing. The effort you put into the lesson far outweighs the amount of time spent practicing. It is important to practice each day even if it is for a short period of time. Some practice is better than no practice at all.

4. When you practice, be sure to not have any interruptions in the practice environment. This includes, but is not limited to friends, siblings, family, TV, music, phone, etc. If your practice area is full of distractions it will be difficult to make any musical progress.

5. It is recommended that you make time for a practice session at home for the same length as your normal lesson time 6 times per week.

6. Practicing is also a part of the parents’ commitment; please encourage the students to practice at home, and to schedule practicing into their daily routine. Consistency is key to learning a musical instrument. This means bringing the student to lessons regularly, encouraging them at home, being financially responsible, providing a good practice environment, encouraging progress, etc.

7. The student is expected to complete all assignments for the week, doing so encourages progress. The assignments will be written during each lesson in the student’s assignment notebook or binder.

8. The rate at which lessons are taught varies by student. Each student has their own gifts and challenges. We work at a pace that does not overwhelm the students with information.

9. If any questions arise during practice, please write them down so that we can address them in the following lesson.

10. Every student is different and has different needs when it comes to learning. Always feel free to communicate to your teacher about anything that she can do to make the teaching process more successful for the student.


1. We encourage the parents to observe the lessons.

2. Parents are welcome to ask questions at the end of the lessons.

3. It is important that parents remain silent during the lesson time so that teaching is not disrupted. Parents are welcome to take notes.

4. Students are expected to be on time to each lesson.

5. If the parent needs to speak with the teacher, phone calls, e-mail, or scheduled meetings are available.

6. If the student is ill, the teacher would not be able to resume lessons until the student is healthy.

7. The student is welcome to have water, but no food or other drinks are allowed in the studio.

8. Have fun learning how to play the piano!


Schedule your visit:

Mon – Fri: 10am – 8pm
Sat: 9am – 4pm
Sun: Closed


Some dates are subject to change.

FALL 2022

First Lesson Date: August 3
Last Lesson Date: December 19
Labor Day No Lessons: September 7
Performance Class: September
Fall Solo/Duet Festival: October 15
AMTA Open Recital: October
UTA Piano Solo Contest: November
Thanksgiving Break No Lessons: November 23-28
Performance Class: November
Counts/Tinker Cyclical Contest featuring Romantic repertoire: November 28
Composition Festival Deadline: December
Performance Contest: December
Fall Recital: December 13


First lesson date: January 4
Last Lesson date: May 29
Performance Class: February
AMTA Open Recital: March
Spring Break: No lessons March 12-18
Sonatina/Sonata Festival: February 25
Spring Solo/Duet Festival: April 1
Performance Class: April
Savko Jazz/Pop Contest: April 29
Spring Recital: May 23


First Lesson Date: June 1
Performance Class: July
Last Lesson Date: July 29