Claudia Fuenmayor Piano Studio


Piano lessons are twice a week for younger students until they reach middle school.

All lessons are individual lessons, only one student per lesson.

Piano lessons are open to students ages 4 and up.

The length of the lessons are 45-minute or 60-minute lessons, based on the students’ level.

An acoustic piano in good working condition is mandatory for optimal learning.

Students do not need to have any musical background to begin piano lessons, as it is a gradual learning process.

In the piano lessons, the students learn proper piano technique, music theory (how to read and write music), musicianship, ear training, improvisation, composition, and artistry. All of these aspects help the student to play piano with ease, and aid with making learning piano more enjoyable. This also facilitates a holistic musical education that helps the student be well rounded in all aspects of piano.

The tuition is charged monthly. Tuition is due the first week of each month.


Students will be required to purchase books and other musical materials for their daily practice at home. Students can acquire their books online, or I can provide books for the students at its cost plus the cost of shipping. Students typically will need between 3-4 books. The books students need are as follows : piano lesson book, music theory book, solos book, etudes book and duets book. Music scores can also be purchased online to print or read from your iPad or Tablet. The needs of each student will vary and as such so will the books that are required.

Here you can find her studios preferred piano method for beginners which is also in eBooks:


Lessons are held in our private home studio in Irving, Texas.


Participation in the following programs are optional:

1. Recitals: We usually have one recital in the Spring and one in the Fall.

2. Studio Classes are held twice per semester and included in the tuition at no extra cost. These classes are a great way to practice performance etiquette and share music with other students.

3. AMTA events: The Arlington Music Teachers Association has several events for students during the academic year. Some of them include the following: Solo/Duet Festival (Fall and Spring), Sonata/Sonatina Festival (Spring), Music Theory Test (Fall and Spring), Counts-Tinker Cyclical Contest (Fall), Savko Jazz/Pop Contest (Spring) and UTA Fall Piano Contest. For a complete list of events please visit:

4. Carmel Klavier Piano competition: this is a prestigious International Piano Competition for young pianists from around the world. It is Located in Carmel, Indiana, USA.

5. The Royal Conservatory of Music:
Students participating need to take at least 45-minute lessons each week. For information about the Royal Conservatory of Music Program, please visit:

6. Trinity College London:
Students participating need to take at least 45-minute lessons each week. For information about the Trinity College London program please visit:

7. Online Festival: “eFestival is an online-only performance opportunity where you receive a constructive critique from a highly qualified evaluator.” It runs year-round.